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The White Horse - Debra May Silver

The White Horse

A Tale of Fear and Loneliness

The White Horse is a unique hand illustrated book that takes you on a powerful, visual journey of dark thoughts, emotions and brings focus to the physical and mental burden of living with anxiety in the modern world. 

My Rabid Fucking Soul - flat cover

My Rabid Fucking Soul

A collection of modern, raw and dark poetry.

My Rabid Fucking Soul is a collection of modern, raw and dark poetry with black & white photography.

It is an observance of the human soul when it feels torn apart, wiped out, damaged and downright tearful and dire. Much is about love in all of its darkest forms and configurations. Its about repairing from treacherous evens with some sanity intact. Many of the photos are taken by the author with additional photos contributed by Craig Stone.

Rise up Rabid souls

Rise up rabid souls

Ship Street Poetry Anthology

Poets around the world have submitted their dark and raw poetry to produce this stunning anthology , Rise Up Rabid Souls.

The poems reveal cold hard truths about reality, abuse, heartaches and calamity and the healing and growth that follows.




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